Patch note: 15/11/2012

Nouveau patch note intéressant qui arrive sur le serveur test aujourd'hui et qui devrait sortir en début de semaine prochaine.

Pour les anglophobes, on y apprend notamment:

- Plusieurs correctifs sur l'AI (roaming réparé et bugs corrigés)

- Amélioration des perfect blocks et blocks

- Bug du blackscreen corrigé (!)

- Skinning devient secondary et les timers d'extraction ont étés réduits: le résultat espéré par SV est que les joueurs n'auront plus besoin d'un butcher full skill pour faire des sous ET SURTOUT devront sortir des villes pour aller chasser. (ce qui pourrait favoriser le pvp sur des spots PvE)

- Les joueurs à l'intérieur d'une guard zone ne peuvent plus être blacklist par une tower si la guilde en question ne possède pas la ville.

- La forêt colorée est de retour

- Encore quelques tweaks sur handle hits 

- La stamina est augmentée de 20% et la vitesse en combat de 10%

Bref encore un patch bourré de correctifs, mais aussi des modifications intéressantes comme la vitesse et la stamina ou même le skinning knife. A voir si ces modifications changeront certains aspects du jeu.

  • Fixed issues some mobs had when roaming.
  • Fixed a glitch where pets with 1000 hunger wouldn't have their hunger reduced when eating.
  • Added more checks to items being sold to vendors to make sure they can be sold.
  • Lock pick category added to the trade brokers.
  • Bound items can no longer be sold at the broker.
  • Bound items can no longer be mailed.
  • Fixed the following of AI to avoid having them constantly move backwards or sideways when attacking you. *
  • Added support for 2D speed blends, pretty much making it so that AI won't run their walk/run animation REALLY fast when falling.
  • Added a new type of volume that will fade out ambient light and turn of weather particles, this will be used in underground dungeons.
  • Increased the server-sided arch for perfect blocks.
  • Increased the server-sided arch for blocks.
  • Support petitions now require a description.
  • Fixed general lighting issues in Tindrem.
  • Fixed an issue causing excessive darkness in certain weather conditions.
  • Fixed a bug with character and creature lighting in subterranean areas.
  • The colored forest returns!
  • Fixed a couple of item issues where items that couldn't be moved to chests.
  • Fixed stair issues in the Temple Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where collision wouldn't correctly reset when un-mounting or coming back to life from being dead.
  • Bound items can no longer be put in chest, stolen or be put in bridges.
  • Pickables have been reworked and re-added into the game.
  • Donation capes should now correctly show up on the reward page.
  • Capes no longer have any weight.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with items being bound when they shouldn't
  • Campfires are now allowed to be placed inside guard zones

  • When you start reading books the skill-checks now checks skill-levels WITH attribute bonuses rather than before, when they used only skill level without attribute bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where lock picks acted strangely when a chest was lock picked.
  • Skinning Knife skill has been moved under Wilderness so it no longer costs any primary points.
  • Reduced the extraction timer of skinning.
  • Only guild-members can now repair towers.
  • AoE of cities should now override blacklists of towers, unless the blacklist guild controls the city.
  • Only towers that collect tax can now blacklist players. If you collect 0 taxes, your towers will NOT blacklist. If you collect at least 1% every tower connected to your keep will blacklist.
  • Adding to blacklist now correctly takes PP.
  • Blacklist UI will now update itself instantly instead of waiting for the blacklists to be saved.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't reduce the amount of invested points in a tower/keep without having something else take the points.
  • Fixed issue where the title you selected would select the title above it causing all kinds of confusion.
  • Fixed an issue where people could see titles they shouldn't be able to see.
  • Cleaned up some general issues with titles and the title UI.
Weapons and Balance
  • Further tweaked handle hits, overlapping head piece over handles.
  • Tweaked minor damage differences on some blunt weapons.
  • Tweaked a couple of tracing numbers for spear-thrust.
Player Character
  • Max stamina is increased by 20%.
  • Increased combat-walk speed by 10%.
  • Perfect blocking a strike from a human opponent but not being rotated in the correct direction will now count as a block (NOT a perfect block).
  • Rebuilt how knockdown works to avoid mobs/players, to put other clients in infinite stun-mode.
  • Players and creatures in the Gaul'Kor Dungeon will no longer appear black.
  • Fixed holes in the Gaul'Kor Dungeon walls.
  • Exiting a dungeon should now always restore lighting properly.
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